New Advanced Tips

  1. Debug Command Tricks

    Mercurial has some “hidden” debug commands that can make your day in special situations.

  2. Merging MQ Patches with Rebase

    MQ patches don’t usually merge well, but you can use the rebase extension to fix that!

  3. Styling Mercurial’s CLI

    Mercurial’s command line interface is great, but with a little bit of work we can make it even better!

  4. Handling Binary Files in a Merge

    Mostly we deal with text, source code etc. But sometimes we put binary files into our repository and dealing with the inevitable merge conflict is not as easy as source code.

  5. More…

New Beginner Tips

  1. Keeping Informed with Progress

    Ever get the feeling that hg is holding back on you? Want to keep a tab on what it’s doing? Be progressive!

  2. Finding Uncommon Changesets

    How can you tell which changesets are included in revision X but not in Y?

  3. Reverting Dirty Files

    You’ve made some changes you don’t want to commit, here’s how to clear them out.

  4. Show Changesets Not Yet Pushed

    Show what changesets you’ve created since last time you pushed.

  5. More…