Advanced Tips

  1. Debug Command Tricks

    by Friedrich Kastner-Masilko on April 23

    Mercurial has some “hidden” debug commands that can make your day in special situations.

  2. Merging MQ Patches with Rebase

    by Steve Losh on February 11

    MQ patches don’t usually merge well, but you can use the rebase extension to fix that!

  3. Styling Mercurial’s CLI

    by Steve Losh on January 15

    Mercurial’s command line interface is great, but with a little bit of work we can make it even better!

  4. Handling Binary Files in a Merge

    by Ryan Wilcox on November 30

    Mostly we deal with text, source code etc. But sometimes we put binary files into our repository and dealing with the inevitable merge conflict is not as easy as source code.

  5. Combining Repositories

    by Steve Losh on November 17

    What can you do when you realize: “Oh, maybe the documentation should be in the same repository as the code?”

  6. Using Convert to Decompose Your Repository

    by Thomas G. Willis on November 16

    What if your repository is too big for its own britches, and you would rather the projects contained within be their own repositories? But darn it, what about the history?

  7. Create a Git Mirror

    by Steve Losh on November 9

    You’ve chosen Mercurial, but lots of other people prefer git. Make it easy for them to contribute to your project.

  8. Save Keystrokes

    by Steve Losh on October 30

    Some of the things you can use for aliases might surprise you.

  9. Open BitBucket from Bash

    by Steve Losh on October 8

    Tired of manually firing up a web browser to go a repository’s BitBucket page?

  10. Creating Repositories Over SSH

    by Steve Losh on October 2

    You don’t need to log into the server to create a new repository, you can use hg clone to do it.

  11. Configuring User Auth for HTTPS

    by Zachary Voase on October 1

    Configure Mercurial to not prompt for your password every time you push/pull via HTTPS.

  12. Detecting Renames Automatically

    by Steve Losh on September 30

    Mercurial can figure out which adds/removes are actually renames, if you ask nicely.

  13. The Fetch Extension

    by Zachary Voase on September 29

    If you’ve migrated from Git and miss the auto-merging action of git pull, this might be the extension you’re looking for.

  14. Nudge — A Gentler Version of Push

    by Steve Losh on September 28

    Add an hg nudge alias to push only the working directory’s parent(s).