Beginner Tips

  1. Keeping Informed with Progress

    by David Harrigan on March 24

    Ever get the feeling that hg is holding back on you? Want to keep a tab on what it’s doing? Be progressive!

  2. Finding Uncommon Changesets

    by Steve Losh on December 9

    How can you tell which changesets are included in revision X but not in Y?

  3. Reverting Dirty Files

    by Ryan Wilcox on November 30

    You’ve made some changes you don’t want to commit, here’s how to clear them out.

  4. Show Changesets Not Yet Pushed

    by Ryan Wilcox on October 27

    Show what changesets you’ve created since last time you pushed.

  5. Always Use Git Diffs

    by Steve Losh on October 22

    Do you really need diffs that are compatible with a program released in 1985?

  6. Free Hosting at BitBucket

    by Steve Losh on October 13

    BitBucket will host your static website for free.

  7. Shortlog for Fun and Profit

    by Steve Losh on October 7

    Adding an hg shortlog alias will let you do a lot of nifty things.

  8. Shortcuts for Specifying Revisions

    by Steve Losh on October 5

    You don’t always have to use a number — Mercurial has a lot of tricks up its sleeve.

  9. Stay Sane with Graphlog

    by Steve Losh on October 3

    Using hg log works great until you have a few branches, then it gets crazy. Graphlog can save you.

  10. Configuring Mercurial

    by Steve Losh on September 30

    Learn how to configure Mercurial to behave however you like.

  11. Quickly Show Changeset Information

    by Steve Losh on September 29

    Want to view all the details of a changeset? Add an hg show alias.

  12. Set Your Username

    by Steve Losh on September 28

    Before you start working with Mercurial, you should set your username so people will know who you are.